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We love our customers, and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust in our professional detailing services.

I called Junior’s Mobile Detailing Services and was pleasantly surprised by their professional courtesy and service. It is very convenient and the customer service is very reactive. I will say it in French “Bravo” for your work!
Julie Griffin
Before consulting with Junior’s MDS I’ve been using wax on my boat for years and never quite understood why that perfect shine would end up fading away so quickly after all that work. Once getting more in depth about coatings I realized this is something I should have did a long time ago to keep that high gloss shine stay like it was first applied. 330 Sundancer.
Artie Castro
During last winter I found myself constantly trying to keep up with cleaning my truck. I kept saying there’s got to be a faster easier way! Between working 6 days a week, taking college classes and tending to my kids and family needs, I was glad to sign up for a semiannual maintenance program. This maintenance program let me keep all of my free time and schedule appointments to fit around my daily routine. Thank you for your reliability!!
Jessica Watson
Amazing work and top class service, as I am new to professional detailing, Junior’s helped me understand the importance of keeping your vehicle well maintained throughout the year. I highly recommend them!
Marcus Lang
My primary house is located in north New Jersey, where I fly out of Morristown International. My wife and I have most of our family down south in the Tampa Bay area so that’s where we purchased our vacation home. When I noticed there was going to be another location coming 2016 in Florida I was thrilled to hear about the expansion of this company. Not only does this accommodate us when visiting family but now we will be able to keep our Gulfstream looking immaculate for our departure back home.
Guy Abroto
In my later years, after retiring from the hustle and bustle on Wall Street, I have treated myself to a long time childhood desired dream care. The amount I spent on my Ferrari makes me want to keep it in prestige condition so it looks it best at all times. I have contacted Junior’s MDS after being told by the same Ferrari dealership that if I wanted to remove the minor swirl marks they can give me a quick “buff job” for around $200.00 and it will only take about 3 hours. To me that sounded way too low of a price in such a short amount of time. So, I held off and consulted with JR. Boy, let me tell you how relieved I was once he broke down what Paint Correction is an60+0d explained exactly what the dealership had intended for my car. It wouldn’t have been pretty I’ll just tell you that. A bad combination of poor quality chemicals and rushing would have left her in worse condition. Thank you JR.
Thomas Miller
Your work is amazing. They came to me on the weekend before a personal event and I was able to drive away in style. That is what I call going the “extra mile” in customer service. Thanks again! See you during my next appointment.
John Scholtz
My son and I always loved working on our Cessna together and keeping it in tip top shape. When I first heard about Junior’s MDS it was on a billboard on RT23 right by Sussex County Airport in NJ. When I called 844-JUNIORS I was able to get a clear understanding about what services were offered for aircraft through their automated information line. I figured the time we spent trying to keep the aircraft clean could have been spent in the air flying. For now on I call JR a week prior to getting in the air so our baby’s appearance is in outstanding condition for a pleasant flight.
Richard Gratey
On my way home from work I was traveling along RT6 from Hawley to Honesdale and came across a bus shelter advertising mobile detailing. I mean my vehicle is just a daily driver but I have a Harley Davidson that I bring to events on the weekend and meet with our local motorcycle club. I didn’t understand what detailing was and just wanted to find out more information about services offered so I called 844-JUNIORS. When I spoke to a representative he explained to me what type of services are available for my bike. I also stopped by the office and learned about coating technologies which seems amazing. I would have been a fool to continue to use wax. There was no way I was getting this level of protection or shine from a wax. Now I got the club asking me for advice. Thank you so much for your time explaining the new wave of protection!!
Ed Hallabut